How to Tell When to Replace the Tires on Your Car or Truck


The tires on any vehicle will eventually wear out, and sometimes it can be hard to tell when they need replacing. If the tire has some damage to it, it is clear that a tire repair shop will need to fix or replace it, but knowing when to change the tires on your car because of wear can sometimes be more challenging.  Tread Depth In general, tires leave the factory and arrive at the tire repair shop with around ten or eleven-thirty seconds of an inch of tread on them.

15 December 2021

Maintenance You Need To Engage In To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly


When you invest money in a new vehicle, such as a range rover, you will want to ensure that you can keep using it for many years and miles to come. One way to ensure that is by keeping your vehicle running smoothly, which can be achieved with the correct maintenance.   Twice a Year  There are some maintenance tasks that you should engage in about twice a year. Depending on how many miles you drive, you will want to change your oil twice a year, as well as the oil filter.

19 November 2021

Keeping Your Vehicle Running And Driving The Way It Was Intended


Preventive maintenance involves many different areas of your vehicle, and often some of them get overlooked. Taking care of small things before they become larger concerns will keep your car running and driving the way it was designed to, making the vehicle more dependable.  Oil And Filter Change Of all the maintenance items on your car, the first one most people think about is oil changes. The oil in the engine lubricates the moving parts, reduces friction wear, and can help cool the engine during operation.

15 October 2021

5 SUV Rental Tips


Sometimes the only vehicle that will get the job done is an SUV. Renting one locally can save the expense of purchase, but make sure the rental fits all of your needs. 1. Functional Seating Always ask about functional seating for the model of SUV you will be renting. Seating in an SUV can vary greatly, with some seating only five comfortably and others able to seat up to eight people.

24 September 2021

Dealing With A Bad Driveline In A Vehicle


When a vehicle begins to make unusual noises, it is important to get the problem checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. The noise can stem from one of the major parts being damaged, such as the driveline. If you neglect to get your vehicle inspected in a timely manner after noticing that it is making unusual noises, it can possibly stop working altogether. You don't want the driveline to stop functioning because you can end up losing the ability to safely control your vehicle.

25 August 2021

When Should You Choose Aftermarket Auto Parts?


When buying replacement parts, you usually have three options: genuine parts from a dealer, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from a third-party seller, or aftermarket parts. Genuine and OEM parts are functionally identical, so choosing between them usually isn't too challenging. Some people prefer to keep all of their replacement parts genuine, while others choose to save a few bucks with an OEM. The decision can get a little trickier with aftermarket parts, however.

21 July 2021

What Extra Roadside Assistance Features Should You Consider?


Roadside assistance plans can vary depending on whether you're going with a national provider, have coverage through your insurance company, or are dealing with a local operator. Most assistance programs include basic towing, along with courtesy services such as jump-starts or fuel delivery. Not every service comes with the basic plan, however. As nice as it can be to save some money, paying for those upgraded services can make your motoring significantly more pleasant.

11 June 2021