Driving A Truck That Jerks: Why You Need A Transmission Repair


Does your truck have an occasional jerk when you are driving it around? It is possible that the transmission has an insufficient amount of fluid, which must be taken care of before you end up with a transmission that stops working completely. Find out in this article why driving a truck that has a malfunctioning transmission is a bad idea and what repairs might cost. Why is a Prompt Transmission Repair Vital for a Truck that Jerks?

14 September 2015

5 Common Brake Pad Replacement Mistakes to Avoid


When it comes to replacing the pads on your brakes, many people are comfortable doing this on their own. However, there are many common mistakes that are made because of this that can lead to serious issues down the road. If you are considering replacing the brake pads on your vehicle yourself, then you will want to avoid these five common brake pad replacement mistakes: Not Cleaning the Hardware: Many people simply take out the old brake pads and replace them with the new ones without touching anything else.

4 September 2015

Auto Care: 2 Vital But Overlooked Parts To Watch Out For


Taking care of your car is not an easy job as it is made up of several components that are vital to the performance of your vehicle. This is why your auto care specialist is very important. But you are still responsible for a few things. Besides regular maintenance, there are a few vital parts you should check and watch for problems that are sometimes overlooked. 1. The Differential System

20 August 2015

Learn How To Care For And Clean Windows That Have Been Tinted


After you have finished applying tint to your van's windows, learn how to care for them and clean them so that the tint remains intact and damage free. Materials glass cleaner lint free cloths water mild detergent plastic scraper Allow Plenty Of Drying Time  Window tint can take a couple days to dry completely. During this time, avoid touching the tint and do not roll down the windows in your vehicle.

12 August 2015

Empowerment: Diagnosing Electrical Issues In Your Vehicle


Being met with a dead click when the key is turned, it can throw a wrench into a busy schedule.  By using the following suggestions you can quickly deduce where the power issue is so you can make it easier and more timely fix. Begin with the Battery The battery is the first component in your engine's electrical system.  It sends the initial charge to start the engine, and then the alternator keeps it going.

6 August 2015

Tips To Help You Stop Over-Packing Your RV


Many first-time RV travelers spend so much time worrying about what to put inside their home on wheels, that they over-pack the vehicle. Unfortunately, this can lead to cramped, uncomfortable quarters. To ensure that you are only packing the essentials, here are some things you should consider leaving back at home while you are on the road.  Cooking Appliances At home, having a lot of cooking appliances can help you create a variety of wonderful meals that your family loves.

29 July 2015

Car Wise: 2 Reasons For Ignition System Problems


Ignition problems can happen at any time, and you should be prepared for them. The following are a 2 common problems related to your ignition system that can help you pinpoint the issue.  1, Issues With The Ignition Coils The ignition coils help your car turn on. They do this by taking the power from your generator and transferring it to your spark plugs. And the spark plugs ignite the fuel from there.

7 July 2015

Cut Down on Your Gas Cost in Your BMW


With gas prices on the rise, it only makes sense that you would want to do all you can to improve your gas mileage in your BMW. There are many ways you can go about getting better gas mileage and you can learn about a lot of those things in this article. Keep your car light – Cutting down on the weight in the trunk and passenger areas will also help.

26 June 2015

Shifting Misconceptions To Facts About Automatic Transmission Problems


Take a good, close look at your car and think about the parts that make it a fully functional piece of equipment, and there is no doubt one of the first things you think about will be the transmission. If a transmission goes bad, you basically have nice looking hunk of metal that runs but will take you nowhere. Because so many people fear transmission problems almost more than anything, it brings about a lot of chatter when it comes to what a bad transmission will mean for the life of your vehicle.

18 June 2015

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiber Brake Pads


Fiber brake pads are made, as the name suggests, out of fiber and provide a number of specific advantages and disadvantages to the vehicle that they are installed on. Understanding the features that fiber brake pads offer you can help you decide if fiber brakes are the right choice for your car. The Advantages of Fiber Brake Pads Rotor Wear: Fiber brake pads are softer than ceramic or metallic brake pads and, as such, result in minimal wear on the brake rotors.

15 June 2015