Performance Upgrades To Get More Power From Your 6.0 Liter Diesel Engine


If you are installing a new diesel engine, 6.0-liter engines provide a lot of power, but you may want more performance. Therefore, there are improvements and upgrades that can be done when you drop the engine in. You may want to add an exhaust kit, upgrade the turbo, change the air intake, and reprogram the computer. The following guide will help you maximize the power output of the 6.0-liter diesel engine you drop in your truck:

  • Start with improvements to the exhaust—The exhaust system is the area where you will want to start with improvements before installing the new engine. This is a job that can be done a lot easier when you start before the engine is dropped in your truck. You will want to install all the exhaust tubes and parts that will not be in the way of installing the new engine. The exhaust manifold and tubes in the engine compartment will have to be installed last.
  • Upgrades to the engine and turbo before installation—Before you drop a 6.0-liter engine in your truck, you may want to do upgrades to the motor, such as machining the heads and adding custom engine parts. In addition to the engine modifications that you may want to do, you will also want to consider upgrading the turbo at this point before the motor is installed in your truck.
  • Upgrading the air intake to give your engine more power—The air intake is another system that can be upgraded when installing a new diesel engine in your truck. Today, there are several options for aftermarket air intakes that are designed for 6.0-liter diesel engines. These are air intakes that improve the mixture of fuel and air to give your engine better performance and power output.
  • Upgrading the fuel injection system and tuning the computer—Another area where you want to consider improvements for your diesel engine is the fuel injection system. This is an area where you may want to upgrade the fuel pump, injectors, and fuel lines that provide fuel to the engine. In addition, you can also reprogram and tune the computer control unit to maximize the power that your new Powerstroke diesel engine produces.

These are things that can be done to maximize the power output of the diesel engine your drop in your truck. If your truck is ready for a new engine to maximize its performance potential, contact a Powerstroke performance engine service to get the motor and parts you need for these upgrades and give your truck more power. 


10 September 2020

Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Hello. My name’s Samuel Jacobs. I retired from my job as an auto mechanic last year. During my years as a mechanic, I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Some have remained friends to this day. When I was working, there is one thing that I came across at least weekly. That is how uneducated people are when it comes to their vehicle’s tires. Properly cared for tires are crucial to the safety of your vehicle. Without them, your car isn’t going anywhere. If they give out on you while you are driving, there is the potential for serious injury. I’m going to share some tire safety information here. Things like the importance of correct inflation, how to check the tread, when to replace tires, tire rotation, and what to do in case of a blow-out. I hope you find this information to be helpful.