Driving A Truck That Jerks: Why You Need A Transmission Repair


Does your truck have an occasional jerk when you are driving it around? It is possible that the transmission has an insufficient amount of fluid, which must be taken care of before you end up with a transmission that stops working completely. Find out in this article why driving a truck that has a malfunctioning transmission is a bad idea and what repairs might cost.

Why is a Prompt Transmission Repair Vital for a Truck that Jerks?

The occasional jerk in your truck is a sign that the transmission is struggling to do its job. Basically, the transmission is in place to give power to the gears so that you are able to drive in different directions. The only way for the transmission to work is if it is able to get power from the engine. There must be a sufficient amount of transmission fluid in your truck that is not contaminated with debris for the transmission to get power from the engine. Contaminated fluid can cause engine parts to stop working right, which affects the transmission as well.

If you don't take your truck to a mechanic, the occasional jerk will start happening more often. When the jerking gets worse, it is a sign that your transmission is about to stop functioning altogether. You don't want to end up with your truck stalling in the middle of heavy traffic from the transmission going out. However, before the transmission goes out completely, you will begin to experience other problems as well.

One of the problems that usually occurs when a transmission is going out is the inability to drive your truck in certain directions. For instance, you may only be able to drive forward, which can be a problem when it comes to parking. You will have to park in strategic ways so you won't have to drive backwards to get out of the space. Getting fresh transmission fluid placed in your truck may be the solution to preventing more problems.

What Does it Cost to Get a Transmission Repaired?

If you simply need fresh transmission fluid to get rid of the jerk in your truck, you should expect it to cost between $75 and $300 or more. The price will depend on if the fluid is being changed or flushed, as flushing costs more because all of the old fluid will be removed. Some of the old fluid will remain in your truck with a stand change. A foreign or luxury truck may cost more for a transmission fluid change or flush because it must be done a specific way. Take your truck to a mechanic, such as Color Country Diesel Inc, for a transmission repair as soon as possible!


14 September 2015

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