3 Features To Look For In A Road Trip Vehicle


Going on a road trip can be a fantastic experience, and having the right vehicle for the trip can make the experience even better. You will want to look for the best fuel economy possible, a roomy cabin, and a lot of cargo capacity when looking for the perfect road trip vehicle.

Cargo Capacity

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a road trip vehicle is cargo capacity. This is because you will need the cargo space to hold enough luggage for you and any passengers while on your trip, particularly if the trip is intended to last for more than a couple of days.

As a result, you will want to consider either a hatchback or SUV. An SUV can provide you with plenty of space for both luggage and multiple road trip companions, but its large size will often cause your fuel economy to suffer.

One thing to make sure to avoid if you do purchase a hatchback or SUV for your next road trip is a sloping roof line. A sloping roof line is often incorporated into vehicles in order to make them look sportier, but that slope can reduce your total cargo capacity. In addition, that sloping roof line can also impact headroom for your passengers, which can make the vehicle uncomfortable for taller people. 

Fuel Economy

Another feature to look for in the perfect road trip vehicle is the best fuel economy possible. Why wouldn't you want to able to save money on fuel and use those savings to enjoy your road trip?

When looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle for a road trip, you may want to consider avoiding large vehicles that can often have horrible fuel economy. Instead, take a look at compact cars or hybrids. In many cases, these vehicles can provide fuel economy that is almost double that offered by many SUVs, trucks, and even some sedans.

For example, it is quite easy to find compact and hybrid cars that have up to 50 miles combined mpg. By contrast, there are a few SUVs and trucks that have mpg numbers in the single digits.

Roomy Cabin

Finally, you will be spending a lot of time in your car when you are on a road trip, so there is the risk that you and your passengers may begin to feel a bit claustrophobic or cramped. As a result, you will want to try and find a vehicle that has a cabin that feels roomy and has a lot of light.

A cabin that lets in a lot of light can provide the illusion that the car is actually roomier than it is. Consider a convertible because that feature will make the vehicle feel wide open and help alleviate the cramped or claustrophobic feeling. Check out porsche sales for more information. 

If you want something a bit safer for you and your family, but still provides the extra light and illusion of space, consider purchasing a vehicle with a large sunroof. This option has the added benefit of providing you with the extra light while also protecting you from bad weather conditions and road noise. 

Visit your local car dealership and take a look at the many great road trip vehicles today. A good road trip vehicle will have a roomy, well-lit cabin, great fuel economy, and enough cargo room to store all of the necessary luggage for your trip.


3 June 2015

Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Hello. My name’s Samuel Jacobs. I retired from my job as an auto mechanic last year. During my years as a mechanic, I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Some have remained friends to this day. When I was working, there is one thing that I came across at least weekly. That is how uneducated people are when it comes to their vehicle’s tires. Properly cared for tires are crucial to the safety of your vehicle. Without them, your car isn’t going anywhere. If they give out on you while you are driving, there is the potential for serious injury. I’m going to share some tire safety information here. Things like the importance of correct inflation, how to check the tread, when to replace tires, tire rotation, and what to do in case of a blow-out. I hope you find this information to be helpful.